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Custom Bolts and Fasteners for Engine Manufacturing

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Engine manufacturers require fasteners that can stand up to high-temperature applications. At China Fasteners Nut & Bolt, we are experts at delivering custom-made hardware designed with materials and alloys that will withstand high heat and maintain their stability. For engine manufacturers, we supply custom pieces made from 3:Inconel, A286, and Hastelloy to meet the industry-specific demands. Clients like Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Navistar, and MTU Friedrichshafen turn to us to generate the hardware that they need and know that we will manufacture to their specifications.

At a minimum, all of our products are ISO certified. When customers have special proprietary standards, we meet those with ease because handling custom jobs is our core competency. We are able to fill any size order of custom pieces and offer products like hex cap screws, nuts, studs, washers, and any design your engineer designs to solve your problem.

China Fasteners Nut & Bolt is known for our ability to keep engine manufacturers humming.

Custom Fasteners for Engine Manufacturers
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